Restoring Furniture Damaged by Flood or Fire

You, Will, Need Help

If you are fortunate enough, you may be able to salvage some of your furniture after a flood or fire disaster. The whole process of restoration is tedious as well as expensive but all in all, it could still be more economical than totally replacing the entire set of furniture or fixtures, plus there may be the aspect of sentimental value in each of the damaged possessions. You have to know the extent of damages sustained by your furniture, so you will be able to apply the correct
water damage restoration process with the use of the proper equipment. A good option will be to let a restoration professional do the job because they have more knowledge on how to do an appropriate furniture cleaning and repair. The sooner you have a professional restoration company work on the cleaning and restoration of your damaged furniture the better chances it will have of being restored and at less cost.

What Kinds of Damage Can Benefit From Furniture Cleaning?

Furniture cleaning could be useful in dealing with four kinds of damages: water, smoke, soot, and flame which can range from minor to extreme loss. Furniture soaked in flood water can be damaged severely especially if molds and mildew start developing on it. It is best to hire a professional water damage cleanup service to do the cleaning and remediation of the furniture. Attempting to deal with it on your own could aggravate the condition of the furniture which could render it unsalvageable in the end. Soot, on the other hand, can enter the fibers of the fabric and be deeply embedded there. Smoke can permeate everything it touches and leaves a very nasty odor. The materials should be subjected to oxidation to take out the odor first before taking it to a professional cleaner.

Deodorize the Furniture Before Cleaning

The ozone machine is a specialized equipment used to take out the smoke odor. This machine produces ozone, which is a poisonous gas but very useful in wiping out the molecules that create the terrible odor. It is essential to remove the smoke odor before cleaning because the dry cleaning process can set the odor in the fabric permanently. As the ozone machine produces toxic gas, it would be best handled as a skillful professional for safe handling to preclude additional damage to yourself or your furniture.

Dry The Flood Water Soaked Furniture

In both fire and flood disasters, you will have to deal with all your water-damaged possessions, including furniture. Eventually, things will dry off, but you will have to intervene to hasten the process because the longer your furniture and other belongings stay soaked or wet, the more damage it will incur. This is where equipment such as industrial dehumidifiers and fans come in. These machines can hasten the process of extracting moisture and faster water evaporation thus cutting short the drying period. You can also use heaters if the kind of fabric of your furniture can take it. Other machines that can be used are shop-vacs or wet-dry vacuums. Whatever type of device has to be used for this job, it is best handled by a professional. Otherwise, you will not only prolong the drying process, but you could also injure yourself or further damage the very furniture you are trying to salvage.

A Job for Professionals

All pieces of furniture and other possessions that have been exposed to flood or excessive water or fire have to be thoroughly and accurately cleaned and restored to its original condition. Since this is a major cleanup operation and not just our ordinary day-to-day cleaning task, we must leave this at the hands of professional restoration companies who can do the job efficiently and fast. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of water damage restoration.