Why Use Only IICRC Certified Contractors?

Water Damage Certification

When contracting the services of a company to deal with water damage, you should ask if they have a water damage certification to prove that they are competent enough to do the task of restoring your water damaged home and its consequential effects. The task will include setting deterrents for the development of molds, mildews and other microorganisms and repairing of the damaged items such as clothes and fixtures, furniture and all the parts of the house including the structure, the walls, floors, etc.  A non-profit group called the IICRC or the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification is an independent group that issues these types of certifications.

Classes of Water Damage Certifications

Although IICRC has no teachers or schools of its own, it approves schools and teachers to train and manage the IICRC programs worldwide.  Levels of certification are assigned based on the years of experience the company has on water damage restoration as well as the number of various certifications already received from the IIRC.  To be certified by the top level means that the company has satisfied some required certifications and a minimum of three years’ experience in the field of water damage restoration.  The company has to acquire a series of certifications for the various aspects of restoration and recovery.

These Include:

  • Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
  • Water Damage Restoration Technician
  • Commercial Drying Specialist
  • Applied Structural Drying Technician

IICRC Instructors and Maintaining the Water Damage Certification

When a contractor has a certification from the IICRC, it will be his proof that he is a competent and recognized contractor.  However, the learning does not stop after having received the first certification.  The contractor must continue to acquire new learnings and information to earn more credits in this field to retain the certification.  The certified teachers should also obtain the CEC (continuing education credits) to maintain their instructor titles as issued by the IICRC.  The instructor should also maintain his/her membership with directly IICRC or with an IICRC certified school.

Advantages of Having Water Damage Certification

When a contractor is IICRC- certified, it only proves that they are experts in their field. Thus, when you employ the services of a contractor with an IICRC certification, you can be sure that you are getting the services of a reputable water damage contractor water damage contractor who can give you the best results as far as restoring your damaged home is concerned within the agreed period. Certified contractors have earned their certifications through strict screening and continuous learning and are guaranteed to offer solutions to all types of water or damage scenarios. They will only have your best interest in mind, and you can rest assured that they will do what is necessary to restore your home to its original state. You can get more information on IICRC, the different types, and levels of certifications and a directory of IICRC-certified companies in your locality.